the new album by Great Big Sea
released in Canada on June 22, 1999,
released in the U.S. on March 7, 2000....

Alan Doyle showed off the new CD booklet
at a video shoot in Toronto in May 1999.
Track list on U.S. release: (written by) - sung by
1. Consequence Free (Doyle/McCann) - Alan
2. Can't Stop Falling (Doyle/McCann) - Alan with Seán
3. Feel it Turn (McCann) - Seán
4. Jack Hinks (Trad.) - Alan
5. Boston and St. John's (Doyle) - Alan
6. Margarita (McCann) - Seán
7. Trois Navires de Blé (Trad.) - Alan
8. Ferryland Sealer (Trad.) - Seán
9. Demasduit Dream (Hallett) - Alan
10. Old Brown's Daughter (Trad./arr. R. Hynes) - Alan
11. I'm a Rover (Trad.) - Seán
12. Captain Wedderburn (Trad.) - Seán
13. Bad As I Am (Hallett/McCann) - Seán and Alan

We'd call TURN a "much anticipated" release, but that would be an understatement.  It's Great Big Sea's first new album in two years, and during that time their fan base has grown enormously. Consequence Free, a fun and catchy original song and the album's first single, has been released to "adult album alternative" radio stations in the U.S., so call to request it!.  It should be familiar to Boston fans, along with Boston and St. John's (which we feel could be Great Big Sea's breakthrough hit in the U.S., and that's not a geographical bias, we swear!), Ferryland Sealer, Can't Stop Falling, Old Brown's Daughter, and I'm a Rover.  Now that we've heard the entire disc, we can't get it out of our heads. 

With TURN released in the U.S. on March 7, 2000, track order on the U.S. release is a bit different from the Canadian release: Cant Stop Falling was moved up from #9 to #2, and Demasduit Dream was moved back from #4 to #9.  The artwork is the same except for a Sire logo in place of the WEA logo.  But even if you already own a copy of the Canadian release, you can still buy a copy of the U.S. release and help it climb up the charts!

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