Fly by Day Photos

Fran's specialty is live concert photos of acoustic artists.
She uses a Kodak digital camera with 3x zoom.
Here are some photo pages that she has put together:

Indigo Girls, Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI 8/8/99

Moxy Früvous, HMV "out-store", Cambridge, MA 8/12/99

Melissa Ferrick, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA 8/15/99

The following pages have been archived to make room
for newer photos on our webspace.  Please email us if
you'd like to see them, and we'll reload them for you.
Jess Klein, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA 8/11/99

We also have hundreds of photos of
Great Big Sea on our website, GBS Boston,
and of Carbon Leaf in Carbon Leaf Photos.

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